Dissociative Thoughts…


Sometimes, you cannot tell what is real or what is not. Sometimes you cannot even feel your own body. Nothing makes sense. To be or not to be? Ney……Am I, or… am I not? So goes the poetic representation of dissociation…

Welcome to our page and we hope you learn a lot about dissociation through us sharing here. Dissociation is a real phenomenon that many must live with, each person utilizing their own unique ways of handling it. I hope to find healing by telling my story, from all of my internal selves’ points-of-view, so we can all feel safe and accepted. A very important motive I have for writing is gaining public acceptance to help us accept ourselves, and be less afraid of the world.

It’s not automatically disorder, as everyone dissociates at some point in their life. “Highway hypnosis” is probably the main example. The disorder I live with, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or any other disorder with dissociative symptoms, is just dissociation at an extreme level that interferes with your life. It doesn’t have to be complete chaos though, as you can learn the signs of it’s onset and tricks to overcome it. Dissociation can become just something you accept as part of your life, not by choice, and not hate yourself for. It’s something you may have to plan your life around and become accustomed to, but it can improve. All the while you do your best to not judge yourself. This is every day life living with a dissociative mind.

Yes, there are some fascinating and awesome occurrences because this IS indeed a creative survival technique the brain has. Saying “creative” does not mean it is entertaining and purely for amusement to live this lifestyle. Real dissociative disorders are not escapes from responsibility nor attempts to recreate oneself to make up for a life lacking excitement. (Honestly, most of us had a pretty “exciting” situation that made us this way so we don’t want any more excitement. We want calm.) It is simply normal brain processes that developed differently, and with walls between consciousness levels, separating memories into compartments. The reasons this happens are many, but mostly some interference with the early developmental stages of childhood occurs. Likely caused by long term and repeated trauma, which will lead to a dissociative disorder to cope. This is why people with dissociation need more compassion and not to be called to question their very existence.

I wish to be a voice for many. My story isn’t just mine, it’s an example of so many ignored and forgotten and abandoned who are seeking acknowledgement. My story isn’t any where near one of the worst, but it can open your mind to horrific possibilities out there. I wish to be a voice for those who have no strength to. I want to be the voice for children who don’t have a say in their own recovery, or how the adults in their life feel about punishment to the one who assaults them. I want to be a voice that I didn’t have for myself as a child, a voice that says children matter more than those who raped them of a normal life. Also, I may even discuss things I learn about others with my disorder or similar situations, and discuss others’ healing or any activism they do. I may discuss other websites that I find impressive, informative, or at the very least interesting and related to similar things in my life.

In the end I hope you will see – multiples show themselves in multiple ways, not all of us are “disordered,” we are not likely violent, and the use of one name is more of a personal choice so not a representation of one’s healing. I hope to show you there are some who can heal themselves without the assistance of continuous therapy. I/we being one example of such.

Lastly, you may discover just how well we are at surviving and blending in. You may discover that maybe–JUST MAYBE–unbeknownst to you, that you have already interacted with a “multiple” yourself.



Please read “About Dissociative Jess” before reading any blog posts so to know more about how we came to write this blog, more details about “us,” and information including what to expect and trigger warnings.

10 thoughts on “Dissociative Thoughts…

  1. Hi Jess, I am extremely interested in dissociative identity and I have chosen to do a project on it for my EPQ in school (an EPQ is an extended project qualification involving studying a chosen project in depth) and I was wondering if there was any chance that I could put together a short questionnaire that you could complete? I totally understand if you don’t want to but if there was any chance of me getting your email address to email you and find out a bit more, first hand, it would be great! thankyou!

    my email address is…

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  2. Dear Jess,
    I haven’t stopped crying completely yet but I wanted to write before I chickened… My tears come from a veritable plethora of emotions. Relief, (Im NOT alone),
    awe (You are so brave!) Fear of rejection (alter, Elaina’s big issue and she’s chiming in…), And though I could
    wax on and on, I will for n ow end with empathy.
    Thank you Jess.💛
    P.S. I would really like the opportunity to talk with you
    should you feel the same. dkg5083@gmail✌

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  3. Dear Jess,
    Thank you for your authenticity and the work you have done to help yourself and others around the world!
    “We” all want to sponsor an international support group using the Zoom platform. Will you (any and all) consider meeting with us to discuss helping or partnering with us on a project?
    Two of us are therapists and of course some of the kids want to be rich and famous but we all agree that the therapists are ready to create a live safe space for trans/diss for healing and support.
    My physical body is 60 and we need help with social media. (We are trying to learn Twitter…) Up until now we spent many years in therapy, went back to school and became a licensed therapist and were busy getting settled and creating a life we all love.
    Now that our system is happy and secure we want to help others in a bigger way.
    We have worked with people in Japan, UK and US in all different time zones. Individuals, family members and couples, polyamorous and traditiinal have found us through recommendations, Psychology Today (US) and my website but we need help to reach more people to launch the international support groups.
    After individual screening, anyone will be able to enter the groups at their conveinience. They can just watch and listen or be visible and talk as they become comfortable. Using the Zoom platform, reachable from anywhere in the world people see others and their parts and begin to accept their “selves”.
    We have an idea of how we can help others at low or no cost while they are waiting for services, don’t have access to a trained professional or have been scared by therapists who didn’t understand.
    Will you ask if anyone in your system is willing to help us? We want to work with someone who understands.
    With love, gratitude and appreciation,
    Julie and the kids
    Julie Lyons, LICSW
    Dissociation and Transgender Specialist
    Clinical Social Worker
    Certified Life Mastery Consultant

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