If only the eyes could see…



5 thoughts on “If only the eyes could see…

  1. I loved your blog. You are not only in the right, you are righteous in the eyes of the Lord. All that stuff about how you have to forgive your rapist is bullshit. Read the Old Testament and see what those who disobeyed the Lord got. (Don’t read the rape stories. Humanity had not gotten humane enough yet to understand the soul-murder that rape is.) Read about the Canaanites and the Sihonites and the Amorites and how God mercilessly wiped them out. Yeah, I’m a Christian (Orthodox) and I will not let anyone tell anyone else that they have to forgive their abuser. That is the voice of the devil.

    I am so glad that you are writing this and that you are getting better. Yes, I was abused, too, but not sexually. I do not suffer from DID, but I was destroyed. My mind, my whole self, were put through a food processor, and I suffered anxiety so bad that for years, I screamed when I woke up. It was invisible abuse, at least from my father, and I didn’t even realize what he had done to me till (thank God) he died. My mother abused me as well. She screamed and screamed and screamed the most pointed, hurtful insults for hours on end, every day, as long as I remained at home. She is still alive, but I am praying for the day she dies.

    My brothers don’t speak to me because they “survived’ (i.e., they are making good money, while I try to survive on disability), and they don’t want to admit that any of it happened. Oh, no. Not in our house. So to them, I don’t exist. No money for therapy for me–I’m the problem.

    Again, thank you for writing. Keep on doing it. You are brave and you are righous and you are the sane one.


    1. I wanted to let you know I appreciate you sending me this. This is encouragement I need. I will write more about all you’ve share later when I have more time. Please forgive me if it takes (literally) forever, because of my DID and just general dissociation I lose track of things and time passed. Thanks I again!!

      Sincerely, Jess


  2. I encourage you to keep writing. Writing your thoughts and feelings somehow brings them from deeper within you. I began writing after a therapist encouraged me too. After six years I completed a book after my wife and one of my daughters felt it was good enough. They helped me with editing and grammar and had their support. I would be happy to answer any of your concerns about writing a book, I believe you could and should. Mickey


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