Things we’ve learned: List of little know *truths* about D.I.D. and multiples/plurals

This is a list we compiled, just off the top of our head, with information we’ve gathered across the net of some common but little known truths about D.I.D. systems and multiples/plurals

Things not widely known, but frequently mentioned by those who live it:

  • FACT: alters can be so very similar to each other, the only way to tell the difference may be in their memory recollection and how they emotionally react to stressors.
  • FACT: Sometimes the same name is used for more than one identity/self state. (Usually it’s the birth name more than once but doesn’t have to be.)
  • FACT: All humans have many identities and self states. Some just choose to go by one name. Having more than one name doesn’t make you a bad person, it only is how you express yourself. Sometimes other people give you those other names too (i.e. like nicknames for singlets) There is no reason to really have a problem with many names for different states of self, because we can see this practice of many names is not exclusive with “multiples.”
  • FACT: Some do not view themselves as having a disorder. You will find some just say they have “multiple personalities/identities/self states” or say they are a “multiple” or are a “plural” person. Majority of all also refer to themselves as a “system.”
  • FACT: Some feel there is only a “disorder” when identities cause disruption because they are too separated from each other, completely unable to connect, and there are moments of amnesia or “out-of-body” feelings. Otherwise, just living life in harmony, no disorder.
  • FACT: some people feel it’s important to not have a label of “disorder” that can be harmful to self-esteem and hinder growth. They want to celebrate that all of their system works together, always co-conscious. This is their right to define themselves and should be respected.
  • FACT: Though people have a right to not consider themselves disabled, we must respect that to some people, this is a disabling situation. Some people have different skills and others are at different levels of healing.
  • FACT: separate self states are closely related to traumatic events during early childhood developmental phases but it’s possible there are other causes.
  • FACT: More research must be done on the rise and development of completely separate self states, and how many people learn to live with it naturally.
  • FACT Research is not lacking availability of subjects to test (i.e DID isn’t as “rare” as you think) it is merely lacking funding.
  • FACT: Some systems switch several times a day, so fluidly they go completely unnoticed.
  • FACT: You could ALREADY know a system, yourself. They could be a neighbor, classmate, teacher, doctor, family member, coach…We can be anything. We are just people living life just like everyone else.
  • FACT: Many are too afraid to “come out multiple” because of stigma and fear.(Appreciate & honor their trust, if you made them feel safe enough to share with you)
  • FACT: People *without* DID are more likely to commit crimes than people with DID. People with DID are too busy trying to schedule their life. Not much time for anything else, ha! People with DID have higher levels of anxiety or depression, we’re too hopeless and afraid to try anything. 😉
  • FACT: Many people with DID have been victims of violent crimes. Victims of violent crimes are more likely to become future victims than future perpetrators.
  • FACT: People with DID are not perfect and can get minor criminal offenses sometimes, but no more than anyone else can.
  • FACT: some people are functioning well with many separate self states, having a cooperative system by their own effort and with limited, very little, or completely without the assistance of therapy.
  • FACT: You can have DID and never have committed any crime ever, never have been violent ever, actually be a very successful person, actually be a good person,  and even go to college and start your own charity if you wanted. 🙂 The possibilities are as endless as they are for the rest of the general population. Because it’s true, we are just living life like everyone else. Good or bad is judged by character and merit with us just like it is with any other person in the world you meet.

…Well….that’s about all we got for now….

If we think of any more, we will update!

If you have any suggestions or comments about my list, please share below! I’ll edit it for any new ideas I haven’t included or stumbled on yet.


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