Internal conversations. Step inside and see. When I can’t handle them…

Me- Jess, here-

Internal conversations. Step inside and see. When I can’t handle them…



Jess: There is something inside that i dont like. Something I dont agree with. It is the opposite of me. It’s repulsive. How do I face it?

These thoughts, they are not mine.

These feelings, I do not understand.

This is not me.

Shut them up.

Jey: We can’t shut them up. They are a part of you. 

Jess: This is ridiculous. How am I supposed to handle this? If it doesn’t stop how do we live? I can’t accept these thoughts and feelings.

Jey: Well, that’s not entirely true. You haven’t tried to understand them yet. With understanding comes acceptance.

June: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? She doesn’t give a damn about your hippy philosophy. She wants her quiet little normal life at whatever cost it takes. She will never understand me. I don’t care to try to explain myself either.

Jess: SEE?! SEE?! How can we get ANYWHERE when SHE is like this on top of how HE is?

Jey: (sighing…) It’s going to be a long process….

Bill: It’s all good. I’m for it. Try. TRY to understand me. You may find you like it. Because, lets face it, I AM you, right? haha…Can’t escape that reality, I am a part of you and you gotta deal with it.

Jess: These thoughts. They are just sick. I’m not sick.

Bill: Oh they aren’t sick, they are just my own perversions. Everyone has perversions.

Jess: You are going to embarrass me if you don’t watch yourself.

Bill: Fine. I hear you. It’s just SOOO DAMN HAARRRD.

Jess: I swear to fucking god—

Bill: -HAHA “Fucking God,” that’s exactly who I’m prayin’ to.


Bill: YOU are making yourself look crazy! (laughter)

June: You both are MAKING ME crazy!

Jey: ……a very looong process…..

Jess: (silence)


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