Internal conversations heard when we “zone out” haha

Chatter is going on most of the time inside our head.  Very short periods throughout the day is it silence anymore. This is because of us working on integrating all of our awareness so we can live a life balanced. All people experiencing and accepting all things that happen to the body. All of us on a congruent time line.

I’m Jess. One of 3 who go by Jess. I’m sort of nicknamed Serendipity internally to help with confusion. An alter Jess that can know everyone inside and it has always been normal to be many people inside. It was always understood as them inside me and able to control me to help sometimes. Or in some cases THINK they were helping. Ha.

Anyway enough introductory ramble. Let me get to the latest chatter I overheard inside.  I noticed it when I was just sitting quietly on the couch and sort of feeling sleepy I zoned out. Then I just slowly tuned into what was being said.

This was a discussion between Jey and June. Jey is stepping up to be “the leader of the pack” as they try to understand and learn all views. As they also try to build a common foundation all us inside can work from.

The conversation, at the point I paid attention to it went like this:




June: I say we are many people in one body. One body not one person. It just makes more sense.

Jey: but if you see yourself do things that you say you had no control over the body during, then isn’t that depersonalozation? isn’t that dissociation? isn’t that not being present.

June: no. It’s not dissociation causing me not to have control over the body’s actions. It’s the one of us who is in control that is stopping me from taking action.

Jey: you still don’t explain why you feel a disconnection from the body and how that is not dissociation.

June: well I’m no scientist but I hypothesize that there is a central part of the brain that gives the executive control. we all are like different parts of the brain fighting to connect to that sensor and controls for movement. See, isn’t that the opposite of dissociation?  to fight for control as opposed to separating oneself from the situation?

Jey: well it still seems dissociation plays a part.  at least in the beginning.  at least to have you disconnected from the body in the first place to have different memories and perceptions.

June: that may be so. we may also still suffer dissociation at any time and maybe that leaves the door open for a switch.  Either way though,  nobody goes away just because someone has control of the body. So we all exist in one body simultaneously. Maybe it’s like we sleep sometimes to not know all the things happening.  I don’t know.

Jey: interesting perception….let me ponder this.


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