Brace yourself to be p*ssed off by words of the angst-y teen June about Sex-Ed and over-sexualization related to sexual abuse. I found a ramble she wrote and posting it, cuz what the hell, let’s p*ss off the internet. LMAO (no but seriously, just showing you what it’s like in my head)

You know I wish men and women would stop just trying to “keep sex sexy” and realize its for reproduction. Realize that females can die for just minutes of male pleasure.. Guys and gals, come on….Is it worth that? In the old days, it makes sense we would only think of pleasurable benefits. For the sake of survival, nature can’t have us scared to die in childbirth or we’d go extinct. So, nature takes the choice away by blinding you with hormonal distractions that wipe out logic of self preservation in order to bring in the next generation. Continuing the race of beings.

Now, overpopluations and starvation on the earth is a problem. Now, humans are evolved intellectual beings and do not need these primitive urges to override logic. We can make rational decisions about how to better the human race. Time to change society and start teaching how reproduction works before puberty hits so they don’t over-sexualize things when puberty actually hits. I know, it is only natural to notice something you find appealing and attractive. That’s not the problem. It would be nice if we could appreciate things visually and separate the need to touch physically. Controlling arousal isn’t hard if you are used to doing it, and lets be honest, this world DOES encourage you to let your sexual desires run rampant so why don’t we start teaching the young they need to control it?

Nobody talks about reproduction but sex is everywhere and children aren’t protected from it completely. There’s no way to keep children from seeing it, even in children’s shows making girls look more grown than they should. We are taught from our youth that our bodies are for pleasure. This is wrong. If we as selfish adults need our sexualized stuff to feel happy, then at least do your youth a favor and explain the simple science of how our bodies work. Explain the dangers involved, and teach them the “look but don’t touch” philosophy. Do it before they reach the age to desire to use those reproductive parts, not understanding its more that their body wants to make a baby even if they don’t. They need to be aware their mind is tricking them and it’s not that they just want pleasure physically. There is a purpose and they need to know that purpose has serious consequences not to be taken lightly. Not to scare them (i mean it’s not like we avoid talking about war in history which would scare kids too so why avoid this?) but to have them understand how big the responsibility is to be a parent, and how much they should really love and respect their parents for risking lives to bring them into the world and even after their birth, still willing to die if necessary to save them.

Our bodies are for living and yes there are pleasurable experience we all seek in life. Yet we need to think that reproduction is a choice to be willing to die for the next generation. If you do not have a paternal desire as a woman where you are willing to die for children or as a man willing to watch your woman die to bring your child into the world, then perhaps you should work harder at controlling your sexual urges. They have serious life threatening consequences.

Boo-hoo, sad life without sex right? Well, sad life without LIFE at all, idn’t ‘nit? Sex isn’t safe, ever. It’s always a risk, but you decide if the thrill is worth it. That’s the way everythign in life is. Suffering for growth. Hate me, but that’s my point of view. Which, I am allowed my point of view. You will not sway me. If you disagree with me, kindly refrain from replying, because I likely already know how you feel and I don’t care. I will promptly remove your malicious comments, and if necessary remove any from my friends/follows any where on social media if you try to attack me. Go ahead and try, because you feel ashamed of yourself for not being able to control your sexual urges, and I made you feel bad about yourself by pointing this out. Just keep your opinions to yourself, the world already agrees with you, no need for you to say anything to me, just one lonely voice on the net. To do so is to prove that little ol’ me has immense power over you. I’m only vocalizing my opinion because the world needs to hear another option to think about that nobody else has thought of before. I don’t expect it to immediately click, but maybe it will help spark a change in how we look at teaching kids not “sex ed” but “REPRODUCTION education.” Not teaching them about safe sex but just simply teaching them “insert penis into vagina, make baby”. Why is that so bad? Why is that so embarrassing to adults? It’s silly. The future of the human race depends on us understanding this.

Why am I caring so much? what is the real reason for this? This is my plan on how we can stop child on child sexual abuse, as well as help protect children from being groomed by adults. They can say “no, I don’t want a child, I AM a child.” They can say this because they know that sex isn’t how you show love (which is the first mistake every adult says to their little kids, “When mommies and daddies love each other…” No, stop that bs. Not helpful). It will much more benefit them if they will only know that touching those parts are what grown ups do to make babies. Ok, honestly I’m mostly venting here, and I don’t think it should be as extreme as telling kids directly that they can die exactly. I do think somehow should explain that to be a parent is exciting and scary and during the process of trying to make a baby your body is set up to bond the parents together so they stay together to take care of the baby. It’s the best feeling ever when two people are in love and are ready to make a baby, and the euphoric feelings that can only come from deep love and bonding…..and all that is what makes up sexual pleasure. So they can know there are the most amazing benefits for parenthood. It’s not all suffering and pain and fear. There are joys and pleasures too. But lets be real, they need to know sex isn’t about feeling good. They should be taught when humans want to be parents then they get to have this best feeling ever. But you have to be willing to accept the risks. If you are NOT willing to make a baby or feel pain then you have to be OK with not having sex. At least get them to think this way until they are older and then they can learn alternative ways to enjoy sexual pleasure without the basic lie of you have to give your virginity to your first love. This will also help teen girls not get pressured into giving themselves no pleasure but physical pain as they give their virginity to a boy who doesn’t understand how bad he can actually hurt her (i.e. an innocent love affair becomes pregnancy, becomes a death in childbirth. how does a 16 year old boy handle knowing he is a dad responsible for another human being’s life, and the girl he “loved” and wanted to share his love with is dead? adults can learn to handle these things, but our children can’t so young and immature emotions)

Let me tell you, the earliest memory I have is one where I got raped by my brother, I was three years old, and he was 11. Somewhere he got the idea about sex, and somehow he decided he could groom me to trust him. It lasted until I was 8 and he was 16. Now had I actually been taught in kindergarten what sex was and what it was for, I would have felt more power to say something about what was happening already for two years before i even started school. And maybe, if my brother had been taught in kindergarten the true purpose of reproduction, whatever he was exposed to would not have overrode knowledge that sex is a life risk parents choose to make a baby and permanently bond with another human being. And then, maybe I wouldn’t have even been raped. yes, I know my philosophy is blunt and probably more than most people would want exposed to kids. Most see kids as so delicate, but really they are doing them no favor keeping them ignorant. Life is rough but there are good things to make it worth while. That’s how you make these facts easier for children. Keeping them oblivious to facts is a danger to them. Ignorance is never good. Believing sex is a duty, and sex is how “mommies and daddies show love” and being told that I was doing just the same, well that fucked up my whole life. I just hope someone can take my words and soften them. Somebody can think of a good child friendly way to get this point across to kids like I’d like.

Sorry if I pissed anyone off…This is my blog where I put my thoughts. And I’m just one part of this system with some thoughts. So not even everyone inside my head agrees with what I’m saying.

I am June. I’m used to be misunderstood and hated. Whatever. I’m not shutting up about serious shit we need to consider.


2 thoughts on “Brace yourself to be p*ssed off by words of the angst-y teen June about Sex-Ed and over-sexualization related to sexual abuse. I found a ramble she wrote and posting it, cuz what the hell, let’s p*ss off the internet. LMAO (no but seriously, just showing you what it’s like in my head)

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