What if we could be on T.V.? Would you watch us? We are curious and apprehensive about an assistant TV producer who contacted us today

So Jess was contacted via twitter by an assistant TV producer over in the UK. She connected with her through Facebook and did a phone chat via Facebook messenger with her. I’m not going into too much detail about it until I know where it’s going, but basically they want to pitch an idea for a documentary and multiples/dissociative identity disorder will be a subject in it. Before they do pitch it, they want to have some reliable people willing to be involved. So, they contacted Jess when they found us on twitter. I don’t really know of all that was said in the conversation, Jess just kind of gave me the short version before dipping out.

Of course I have the parts in me who are questioning and untrusting….I have some selves with some very paranoid theories. I mean, I understand why but I don’t think we are that important, ourselves, for us to be part of any of these conspiracies. Ha. I just don’t think we are that important at all.

I’m only out here telling my story to better other people and help them move up in their life. I feel I am at the peak of my existance and I am quite content with accepting the hardships of life along with the joys. I know it’s going to be an interesting ride until it’s over. I know my struggle isn’t over yet either. I still find a reason to smile. I want to show others they can too, but I don’t feel like I’m that important of a person to listen to.

Yet here this lovely woman found me and contacted me, asking if I was interested in being involved. I just feel my luck couldn’t go any better. I just want to be normal and have people accept my reality. Then I can help other multiples have hope that they can gain some sort of balance too, and find a way to live a semblence of “normalcy” for them. And by normal, I don’t mean the socially accepted “normals.” I mean the dictionary simple explanation of what is average and balance for you that isn’t chaotic. That’s what “normal” is to me so don’t try to put too much weight into my words.

Oh man…. I am trying to focus to write this right now but others are just giving me dissociation. I’m experiencing physical pain in my nerves of my fingertips, because they want me to stop typing. My vision is blurring as I’m struggling to keep the control in my body and my mind.

I hear a voice in my head yell “I’m DONE talking about this!”

I’m not sure who but I’m guessing it’s June because the children are whining that talking about it is sad and they are also very bored. June usually tries to take the attention off the younger children, as a means to protect them. I’m not even mad at anything though, it’s still just a natural protective reaction we are working on reprogramming.

OK so let me just use the last of my energy to keep this executive control to say, I hope they get some backing behind this documentary/show idea they want to do. I was basically told that their goal is very similar to ours: showing the every day, real, human, life of those who live with D.I.D. instead of being like other documentaries that are about studies, numbers, and more educational. It’s just like how we want to start a podcast where the guests are other multiples who just talk about their hobbies and life, to SHOW what D.I.D. and not try to explain it with scholarly explanations and faceless examples in a study.

Anyone in the UK follow me think this would be a cool idea? Wouldn’t it be great if people can see that we really aren’t that different than anyone else?

Anyone in the UK know anything about production companies and maybe know about this one that contacted me?

Ok finally I must dip out….the others are having quite a fuss. They sometimes get stressed when we have to do too many responsibilities, and typing this so we can remember this occurred is technically my responsibility. (I’m Zsi Zsi) so it is “a” responsibility, and it’s overwhelming to some inside. One of us can say more on this later.


5 thoughts on “What if we could be on T.V.? Would you watch us? We are curious and apprehensive about an assistant TV producer who contacted us today

  1. Hi Jey, yeah I’m in the UK (Scotland)
    Of course what you have to say/feel is important, this is why you do so ? Presumably this too is why they would like you to carry on doing so on TV !
    As regards production companies there are numerous outlets in the UK, I have links with a national Radio station BBC6Music ! I you fancy we could chat further here or on Twitter (fully up to you) ~M~ x

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  2. Hi Jess! I also struggle with DID and have lost jobs when people found out. I think it’s great to show people that we are able to live a normal balanced life. It’s exciting that someone who might be a producer has gotten In contact with you. Breaking the stigma on mental illness and educating the world more about the not so well understood mental illnesses in the world is important! I say do what feels right just be prepared for the aftermath of the show. I personally would want to stay anonymous just because I have been stigmatized against several times because of DID but if you are willing to let the world know who you are and have everybody know you as someone with DID then do it! I think it’s an awesome opportunity!

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    1. Hi, Jey / EtS
      I’m in full accord opening up DID as an issue, within what I’m guessing could be a youth directed channel! Could/ would bring issues around the condition into a public exposure! Would I’m sure raise awareness, overtly opening the door to folk that are also effected coming to a realisation thu Jey’s words #DoingYetMoreGood !
      As regards aftermath, I’m sure the positives’ would/will out weigh any negatives that may raise them self !

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  3. i happened to find your blog today, and read this post. i hope you find strength in your days, and happiness is granted to all of you. thank you for this demonstration of communication, and allowing me to see someone who can get their head above the water.

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