Wow. Just a short talk about a book we found via ISST-D…New Books for Dissociative Children Now Available on Kindle

A while ago I was talking about the way we need to cuz more help and assistance for dissociative children so that they can become list disorders and more functional in adulthood…


Wow that was a while ago

So much has happened since then. I am so overwhelmed I can hardly discuss it right now. Anyway, I was reminded of my goal to research things focused on Dissociative children when I stumbled across this article from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (i.e. the ISST-D)

This is a lovely book designed for Dissociative children that you can purchase on Kindle:

Also, having some parts of younger selves in me, I feel even a biological adult who has younger alters can benefit from reading such a book.

If you get this book, let us know about it. Tell us if you saw benefit for you or a child or a child alter/self/insider/part??

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