About Dissociative Jess


Please remember, some blogs are written during dissociative episodes and may not reflect a logical or positive representation of the non dissociated selves. Know each blog only represents who is writing it in the state of mind it at the time they are writing, and we all are very different. So far we know there are 15 different names of identities outside of 3 different “hosts” who go by “Jess” publicly (that’s 18 all together people) and each Jess will have different knowledge and memories. Sometimes we all don’t have all the information, and through our writing we are trying to learn.

Please do not react to this whole system over a feeling one of us made you feel. As we just try to express ourselves and learn how to interact, we want your help in doing so. We only ask that you get to know us and help all find common ground and end stigma. If we are upsetting you, please give us a chance to discuss possibilities of mending any harm before you cut us off.

We are only human. Yet… We never really had a chance to “learn how to be human.” So we are trying to now.

You know what I mean?

We grow and change and we make mistakes sometimes, mistakes that we learn from too.

Positive to balance out the negative

To skip to the part about the names and identities of all selves in our system brain, scroll almost to the end of the post here.


*Let me tell you about why we are here writing…*

I am using this to piece together a skeleton of information for what will one day be a biographical story about childhood sexual abuse, the child victim and the adult survivor. I am not sure of what direction to take this yet. I’m just starting off, as I use my life for an example of real life Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) to raise awareness. My goal is education and ending stigma, as well as healing myself. Though I know it’s not the path for all “multiples,” I am myself on a journey with the rest of the people in my system toward integration of us all. As close as we can get, who knows it may not fully happen.

I feel I need to type *TRIGGER WARNING* right here to cover my entire blog

I have no censor and I speak freely about my history, embarrassing, disgusting truth and all. I vent occasionally just to get it out of my system but I’m not always as upset as I sound, as it’s usually triggered by flashbacks that I gain control of eventually…..Read slowly and carefully, at your own risk, if you are prone to certain words about traumas causing triggers. I am warning you now that my intent is to discuss some difficult things and describe some difficult details. If you can’t read, you can’t. Self care is always important and we understand. I’m just trying share my story and it all is hard to take for anyone, whether they’ve suffered similar or had easier life. It seems to tug at the heart strings of even the strongest “tough guy” out there. So, now, I’ve explained how reading this blog will feel. I don’t need to write it for every blog. You’ve been warned.

I have Dissociative Identity Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am trying to piece my life together to heal trauma from my childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, among other things gone wrong. I have missing information in my memories as each part knows different things. As I slowly recollect repressed memories and as I connect with all of the people in my  dissociated system, I am discovering difficult truths. I am discovering abhorrent and shocking things about how the adults in my life reacted and still react to this day toward the rape that happened to me. I see their lack of understanding of the situation, lack of information, and lack of ability to even deal with it.

I am not here to trash my parents or family, I am only trying to help others know what my family had no way of knowing. I know there are some sad things I will have to share about my family, but please trust that I know that information lacking and their own pains also had something to do with their choices. It was strangely the way the world seemed to react to this, by just trying to bury it. Thinking the child who’s traumatized is young enough to forget.

It wasn’t just my parents, it was many other adults in my life from teachers to coaches to doctors to counselors to spiritual leaders. They just had no way of knowing what had actually happened to me or how bad I really was affected by it. They had no knowledge to go on. There is STILL not enough information to go on to this day. That needs to change. This needs to be taken seriously. D.I.D. is no joke, no game.

If I tell what I went through, then maybe people can know what to look for. People can help children before they become broken adults.

I lost everything that ever mattered because of my disorders and abuse, including being manipulated out of rights to my own child via legal guardianship that led to adoption. My own husband and mother-in-law were supposedly educated about mental health (mother-in-law a psych nurse even) but they still were ignorant on the subject of D.I.D. They made me out to be a monster, abused me so I didn’t know what way was up, and even feared I was a monster who deserved it. Made me afraid of myself so I signed legal guardianship trying to do the right thing as a mother: protect my child even if that meant to protect her from me.

I did my best to get help, I was fighting for my disability. I was homeless, nothing but a car and some clothes to my name. After losing my rights to my daughter forever after just one year of legal guardianship, I fought to survive the return of the worst dissociation I could have, the return of alters I had once fused, my number of selves now doubled.

Feeling like I’ve nothing worse to lose, feeling stronger  having managed to find help and support to overcome so much, I am beginning to share my painful story to help other people. I know I will receive backlash for bringing this in the spotlight, but I want to be the voice for the children who don’t have a say in their own recovery.

I want to be what I wish I had as a child. Someone who says they matter more than the future of those who rape them of a normal life.

With all this, I am on a path of healing my D.I.D. and c-PTSD, as well as kept very much busy repairing some situations in my life as a result of my trauma (medical, financial, educational, legal, familial, etc). Showing the world who we are and getting acceptance without, will lead to acceptance within. I am learning to use the word “I” as ownership. I am learning to use the word “we” as acceptance.

This story of trauma is not even the worst, keep in mind. I speak also for those who don’t have the strength to.


Sometimes, I’m not the “Jess” you know of.

Sometimes, I’m not “Jess” at all.

Yet, I’m not really all that different from any of you.

Except with memory and perception.

Welcome to Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This is host *Post Traumatic Jess.* I deal with the basic “physical” symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. I sometimes can interact with other parts inside but sometimes being emotionally and physically drained I lack the energy to. Most people see me most days except when I feel depressed.

There is also host Serendipity Jess, or simply signs JD** (our initials are JD and she feels she is the most connected w/everyone so uses the abbreviation for what is essentially “the body’s birth name” given by parents and on records) The asterisks signify that the name has some “fine print” along with it, meaning other identities may be at play in how she presents. She is host when we feel most balanced with each other and have energy.

As well as the third host, using the full name “Jessica,” also “Apparently Normal Jess” (aka “Amnesia Jess”) who has limited and difficult access to trauma knowledge. She goes back and forth between being in denial of DID and wanting to accept DID. She can’t really connect easily with other identities and wants to be the “only one” as she wants other identities to “go away”) She is host for short bursts to fill in when you have to live in the now but the past is trying to resurface. She literally is a “blank slate” and every time she surfaces her knowledge of her situation changes. Not sure if this is the same “Jessica” or perhaps I have many “smaller parts” of “Jessica’s” that I don’t have counted or maybe these are new parts that keep being made. Still working on figuring this out. 

Are you following along?

We all respond to any version of Jess/Jessy/Jessica as our name because we are the hosts who speak with the body most often and are most accustomed to the “Jess” identity. 

Others respond to “Jess” but will correct you about their name if they have a chance. As long as it feels safe or appropriate. (We learned to hide ourselves and identities as a protective measure)

The names of all the other alters besides the 3 “Jess* ” hosts:

The *Adults* 


 ( referred to as genderless and called a singular usage of they/them or a plural usage because they are often “the negotiator” and nuetral who is speaking for all or mediating between. Aways listening and affecting things from the background. Has access to all memories however has a nuetral attitude of trauma. Doesn’t feel a connection with the body as theirs so they don’t feel they physically “experience ” most events. Unless connected co conscious with another’s emotions)


(Down to the detail of she being the ONLY RIGHT HANDED identity, she is pretty much the opposite of all others. They call her “The Wolf” because of her cool and controlled demeanor with a *hint* of danger, as she comes to “clean up the messes”…..Any fans of the movie Pulp Fiction get this? Ha….She is seen as both the intimidator and the savior. An insensitive blunt b*tch to some and a loyal unshakable ally to others. )


(a mother figure who is older maturity than the actual birth age. Often soothes the children internally and is very helpful with therapeutic methods and comforting. She would come off as very similar to the type of “mom persona” you see in old black and white classics. She likes to comfort and help other people and volunteer her help if she can. She hugs a lot. Likes to cook and bake for people. )


(probably the closest thing to “crazy” “unpredictable” we got. They call her “Chaos ” She is always laughing. She doesn’t suffer pain. Her energy is either positive or negative affected by the environment she comes to the front in. See, can be “chaotic good” or “chaotic evil” haha…Full of energy. Doesn’t really sit still. Antagonizing. Takes dangerous risks for fun. Unusual speed in comparison to all other identities)

Zsi Zsi

(she is known as “the helper.” Mostly takes over on basic repetive actions. Will continue a task for another identity if needed or asked. She is just known as the nice one who keeps all the secrets. She spends a lot of time focused on the health and fitness of the body. As it is something most of others neglect it and it’s important to be strong enough to stand upnfor yourself ) 

The *Teens*


(Age is 18. Care free, confident, “glamorous”, an accent and higher pitched voice. Sometimes “southern” and sometimes “valley girl” sounding. She has a bubbly and flirty personality. Though 18 is considered an “adult age” she is still a teenager. She is both trying to “act like an adult” and still enjoy being a youth. She usually wears a lot of make up and often changes the clothes we wear to look more “trendy.” Though she only does what she “feels like” it’s often true she can be quite responsible.  )


(Age is 14. Most intelligent but lacks the maturity to handle such knowledge as she has at a maturity so young. Holds many bad memories and often blames herself or takes it out on people trying to help because she cant trust them. Needs reassured often of your trustworthiness, needing to be reassured it’s safe frequently too. Helpful to remind her she is safe and no one is trying to hurt her. Goes from awkward and shy, to angry or depressed in an instant. Can be suicidal and has history of self harm. Talks quietly and makes little eye contact until upset then she screams and becomes offensive. She seems erratic but is a type of protector, pushing people away before they hurt you….or you hurt them)


(Age is 16, the only male alter. Like the “cool protective big brother” we never had. He is also aggressive and impulsive. He is very sexually explicit and humor very perverse uncaring of the audience. Often embarrassingly so. Sees himself as a bisexual guy. His perversions include turning negative abuse experiences into positive sexual desires and fetishes. Likes to take control, but has a quiet personality.  Until angered. Has body dysphoria and feels unloved and depressed but always hides it behind a smile and a joke along side a “tough guy” demeanor.)

The *Children* (ages shift and change sometimes, back and forth)


(twin, age indeterminable, child demeanor)


(other twin, age indeterminable, doesn’t speak)


( age 4)


(age 8)

*Nonhuman* alters that helped with surviving trauma

Kiki (aka “Kitty-Kitty” it’s short for)

Kiki is a cat that distracts from reality as a human, our spirit animal, can speak at times.  She doesn’t speak hardly ever, as she comes out when there is nothing to say or we can’t process the situation to converse or interact much. Also seems to react to sex in the way a cat, in a submissive manor, sometimes will fight with “claws” if feeling temperamental. This could be a reaction to not having a normal healthy exposure to sex.


Zoey is a sprite (and sees herself as this small fairy creature when fronting identity). She is mischievous and joyful and playful, high pitched childlike voice when in a good mood but deepens if in a sombre mood. Childish in attitude, has adult intelligence, sexual at times, doesn’t know much about “human customs and society.” She is very curious, sometimes gets her in trouble, and she asks a lot of questions. Mistaken for a child often, Zoey’s considered an ageless “immortal”


Justice is an angel sent to protect, defend, and guide, has no determinable age but mature demeanor. Unusual knowledge, strength, and stability that drastically differs from other identities and host

11 thoughts on “About Dissociative Jess

  1. Hi there, I have just been diagnosed with DID and found your blog, I am also writing one with encouragement from my therapist. I would love to have contact with you if you are open to that. I was a missing person for 5 weeks and it took almost 3 weeks for me to even remember I had a husband and children. Please check out the beginnings of my blog and if you are open to communication, I would be thrilled to talk and share and learn from you. Thankyou, Alice

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Alice, Jess here. I’m not well at fast replies but I do my best. I’m sorry to hear you suffered a dissociative fugue like that. I had a similar experience but it only lasted about 12 hours for me. I ended up walking very far from home after an argument with my then-husband that triggered me late one night. I became aware of where I was several hours (and miles) later and walked the 10 miles back home. I have also recently had incidents for short periods where my car ended up somewhere random too. Sometimes that is an alter’s doing. I wish you well on your journey to understanding and healing

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are an amazing woman. I am thanking you now for your blog, I am a psychology major and DID is a major interest of mine. I hope that I will have a chance to get to know all of you through your posts.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. Hopefully, you can open up some minds to the topic.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Jess. I don’t have DID but my daughter does. So l have seen what people with DID go threw. She has come alone way. And you will too. I never knew so many people were DID until I got on Twitter.
    I hope you have family that supports you. If you need to vent. I have a ear for listening.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi there- maybe you saw that I shared this page on Twitter. I will share it as often as needs be to help others understand what you face. Although I don’t experience DID, complex PTSD is an issue for me every day. See you around- either Twitter or YouTube Live as Trauma Recovery University is in <15 mins. as of my reply post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there again, Jak. Just sifting through messages and saw you here again. Thanks for supporting us all….. and by the way, Every thing I do, I do badass. 😎So even though Twitter and social media is not my “thing” I most definitely still excel if I must use it. 😉😏Have a great day. Your Friend, Morrighan.


  5. Hi Jess,
    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.
    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Dissociative Jess has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 25 Dissociative Identity Disorder Blogs on the web.
    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 25 Dissociative Identity Disorder Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!
    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.

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