“Jess” Sitings On Other Sites

I help moderate and host a chat on Twitter for Dissociative Identity Disorder/multiplicity. (if you didn’t know, I’m Dissociative Jess on Twitter too and my account name is @identitydiss at twitter.com/identitydiss) The hashtag is “#DIDchat” and is a weekly occurance every Tuesday. This is a chat with peers where multiples can talk about their real life and D.I.D. There is a website about the hashtag #DIDchat and where I will post sometimes, as will other chat admins, about things specifically related to #DIDchat:

I have another website I started a little before this one. It’s purpose was mental health therapy, writing letters to my daughter who I cannot have contact with. I was manipulated under duress, my DID symptoms inflated with lies as my amnesia was taken advantage of. I signed legal guardianship under the belief they wanted me to get better and would care for her until I was well. I was told I didn’t have to give them money, then was sued for not giving money, seemingly planned the whole time. The guardian was awarded the adoption of my daughter in court, and my name was erased from her birth certificate. With no legal way or help to fight it. I’m rarely updating this site anymore. Anyway, here I post to deal specifically with this and also interact with other things going on around Tumblr, mental health, CPTSD, and DID related, among other cool interesting things you find there:

I like writing for Stigma Fighters (www.stigmafighters.com) This is a great site, and if you are a mental health advocate or a mental health “sufferer” I recommend sharing your story here to help break the stigma! Definitely check out some of what other authors have written on Stigma Fighters. Here are the articles I have submitted:

  1. http://stigmafighters.com/stigma-fighters-jess-d-2/
  2. http://stigmafighters.com/dissociative-jess/

Betty’s Battle Ground, # 3 on her list for her “Blogger Recognition Award.” (It’s listed at the end of this post, the list) Thanks, Betty, for this awesome prestigious award and recognition! I recommend checking out all the others on the list and supporting them too! Also….Please do check out Betty’s site and see what all she has to offer at Betty’s Battle Ground. A lot of focus on PTSD, “a blog about life after trauma.” Check it out:

I was interviewed by the wonderful Lindsey Dodsin for business insider, one of many systems with D.I.D. who were interviewed. Obviously, I am the “Jess” she mentions. NOTE: My understanding of myself and my situation has changed slightly since I was interviewed, which will be evident reading through out the “Dissociative Jess” wordpress blog. Here is the article of interviews of people living with DID:

I am also # 13 on this list of TOP 25 BLOGS ABOUT DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER. Thanks for the recognition and this awesome place on this extensive and unique list of DID blogs. I suggest you check out all the other blogs too here:


I have been invited to help admin for a Facebook page focused on dissociation, known as “Dissociative Diaries: I think I’m Me”…. It was created by our good friend and mental health advocate, Grace Durbin. You will see me post here and sign as “Dissociative Jess”:

((more added as they come! Check back frequently for updates!))